Sunday, February 7, 2010

Resistance Training Improves Cognitive Function in Older Women

We all know that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Resistance training has been shown to increase bone mass in women, helping to stave off osteoporosis. But now it appears that resistance training can do much more than tone your muscles. It can keep your mind well-toned and in shape, too.

A study conducted by Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Ph.D., P.T., of Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada found that women who engaged in once or twice weekly resistance training had improvements in the areas of attention and conflict resolution skills.

The study followed participants aged 65 to 75 for one year. During that year, two of three groups of women engaged in resistance training. Those women in the groups that were in resistance training once or twice weekly had improved scores on tests that measured selective attention and conflict resolution.

The study seems to indicate that while you're improving muscular function, you also can improve your cognitive function. The results of many other studies have indicated that exercise is a key element to maintaining mental health as well as physical health.

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