Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Humanely Rid Your Home of Animal Pests

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If you've never had a problem with animals getting into your trash or setting up their new home inside your home, then you're very lucky - because once a critter moves in, he's not going to leave without a lot of persuasion.

There's an old shed near my house that was used for storage of various items. Over the years it had become dilapidated and, it seems, it had also become the preferred shelter for some local animals. When a contractor began work to make the shed more secure, the animals fled their home and at least one took up residence in my basement just a few feet away.

You can't imagine my horror once I realized that some furry critter was the sound I heard skittering across my kitchen floor at night. I considered a lot of solutions for getting rid of what I couldn't identify (I never got a good look at it) but some solutions lead to more problems and others are just too cruel.  I rejected the idea of poison and I didn't want to kill it - just encourage it to move.  I could have used some good Animal Trapping Tips but I had no idea how to go about it humanely.

It took several weeks of scouting out entry points the animal was using and blocking them off before the animal realized his convenient source of food had become inaccessible and found other lodgings. But I was lucky, not all animals are so easily deterred. Judging by the size of the openings he was using, my animal was not a large one and I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by using the Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap. This nifty trap sets and releases with just one hand and allows you to trap the animal without injury.

No one wants animal pests to invade their living space, make a mess of their trash cans or endanger the health and safety of their families or pets, but trapping and removing these pests humanely can be a problem. Havahart has expert advice and effective solutions for your animal problems with alternative methods that don't involve injuring or killing the animal. They have several sizes of humane traps that will help you with many different types of animals. For instance, the Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap is the right size for raccoons. All Easy Set traps allow you to trap the animal humanely and set them free elsewhere. The best part is that they are easy to use with their one-hand set and release.

If you find that your attic has been taken over by squirrels or that your trash cans are the local meeting place for neighborhood raccoons, visit the Havahart site for great information and advice on reclaiming your space in an environmentally-conscious way - without pesticides, without injuring wildlife and without compromising your principles.

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