Monday, June 15, 2009

Stress Relievers: Birdwatching

Life can be very stressful and hectic. One of the easiest ways to improve your overall health is to find ways of easing that stress. A nature walk or even taking time to observe nature is one way to wash away the stresses of the day. Spring and early summer are wonderful times for bird-watching, as many species of birds that were absent all winter come flooding back to nest and feed.

A well-placed bird feeder can attract many different and colorful birds right in view of your windows. For instance, this is the peak time of year for viewing hummingbirds as they make their annual migration north of their tropical winter homes. Hummingbirds have wings that are attached only at the shoulders, allowing for an amazing 180 degree range of motion. They flap these wings rapidly, anywhere from 20 - 90 times per second, which makes the distinctive humming sound that they take their name from. Their high metabolism requires special nutrition.

You can attract hummingbirds with a special glass hummingbird feeder. These feeders are both attractive and designed specifically for the needs of hummingbirds, whose beaks are generally long and straight. These lovely feeders will make an attractive addition to your yard and bring these beautiful birds into close view.

A birdfeed makes a great gift for anyone who loves birdwatching, or an educational gift for those with children. Birdwatching is a great way to learn about nature and relieve stress.

Stable Marriages Bring Better Sleep for Women

Women in a stable marriage sleep better than unmarried women according to research presented at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.

An eight year study showed that women who were in stable marriages or who had gained a partner during the course of the study, had better sleep than women who were unmarried or who had lost a partner during the study's eight years.

Marital stability and happiness appear to lower a woman's risk of sleep problems but a difficult relationship or being single heightens the risk of suffering from sleep disorders.

The results were obtained by using in-home sleep studies. The participants also wore wrist monitors that recorded behaviors that could indicate sleep/wake cycles.

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Cases of MS in UK than Previously Thought

A new study just released shows that there are many more people in the UK who have Multiple Sclerosis that previously thought, about 20% more. The total number of people in the UK living with MS is most likely around 100,000.

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which can lead to severe disability.

Researchers previously estimated the number of those with MS to be around 85,000. Having better information on how many people have MS is essential to providing care and services.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preparing for a Nursing Career

Nursing can be an exciting and rewarding career. Nurses are directly involved in patient care, making a difference in the lives of others every day. Whether you are currently considering a fulfilling career in nursing or whether you are already working in the nursing field, you want to immerse yourself in your chosen profession, make good choices about your career, impact the lives of others and still have a full personal life. All of this is possible as a nurse.

One of the first considerations is where are the best places to be a nurse? Armed with information on locations that offer the best positions and pay, you will be able to find the hospital and position that is right for you.

Nurses are always in demand, a fact that gives you options when deciding where to apply. When you find your dream job in nursing, here's an article that will prepare you and help you get the position you want with interview tips for nurses.

Nurses aren't the starched, white matrons of yesteryear anymore. There is wide choice now that gives nurses the chance to express their own personality. Here's a little help in finding those in style scrubs you've been looking for.

As our population ages, the need for qualified nurses will continue to grow into the future. A career in nursing offers the opportunity for a life of helping others while experiencing personal and financial rewards.

Downward Trend in Healthy Living

Despite the increased focus on health, eating right and getting exercise, it seems that fewer Americans are choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle according to a report to be published in the June 2009 issue of The American Journal of Medicine.

There are numerous studies that link unhealthy habits with numerous diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but Americans are not moderating their diets to follow healthier guidelines and in some cases, the rates of some unhealthy risk factors have gone up.

According the the researchers at the Department of Family Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, the results of a study involving adults 40 to 74 years old showed a downward trend in following healthy lifestyles.