Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Women's Magazines Downplay the Downside of Cosmetic Surgery

Women's magazines tend to promote only the psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery, and not report the possibility of negative emotional impact. This conclusion is the result of a study of articles regarding cosmetic surgery in popular women's magazines conducted by Andrea N. Polonijo and Richard M. Carpiano at the University of British Colombia.

Women are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty or to alter body features they dislike. Cosmetic surgery can also be a means of maintaining beauty, through procedures that restore a youthful appearance. The study found that articles about cosmetic surgery gave detailed information about the physical risks of surgery, but tended to portray surgery as being only beneficial to a woman's emotional well-being without mentioning the risk of anxiety or depression following a procedure.

Additionally, the articles tended to use descriptions given by men to define standards of women's attractiveness to justify cosmetic surgery an 29 percent of articles discussed the impact that a woman's cosmetic surgery has on men.

Polonijo said in a press statement that:

"Alongside beauty, clothing and diet advice, women's magazines present cosmetic surgery as a normal practice for enhancing or maintaining beauty, becoming more attractive to men and improving emotional health."


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