Wednesday, October 15, 2008

iLASIK Vision Correction

Did you know that over 3.5 million laser vision correction procedures were done around the world last year? In the last ten years, 32 million people have had laser eye surgery, with good results and freedom from glasses and contacts. Laser surgery is nearly painless and yields fantastic results.

NASA and the US military both use modern LASIK technology. In fact, the newest laser technology called iLASIK is being used by the Department of Defense and NASA to improve the vision of mission-critical personnel. The results were astounding with 95% of military personnel achieving 20/20 vision after having iLASIK.

iLASIK uses two lasers instead of one. First the patient's eyes are mapped by wave-front technology. Then a corneal flap is created by an ultrafast, precise laser. The mapping data is used for vision correction and the combination of technologies creates a custom fit. The result is a better laser vision correction technology. Vist iLASIK for more LASIK information.


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