Friday, April 25, 2008

FDA Hears Majority Satisfied with LASIK Surgery

Those who wear contacts and glasses to correct vision problems often consider LASIK surgery to dispense with the inconvenience and bother. If you've considered laser surgery to correct your vision, but have been concerned about problems or outcome, then you should read about this survey taken by USAEyes.

The USAEyes CORE survey (Competence Opinion Relative to Expectation), which is being presented to the FDA today, shows that a majority (98%)of LASIK patients were satisfied with the results of the surgery. In fact, even amongst those reporting Lasik complications, 91% said they would have the surgery again.

USAEyes is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization providing information on Lasik surgery. They do not provide surgery, accept no advertising and all patient services are free.

Read about the USAEyes CORE survey here.

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