Friday, April 25, 2008

Energy Bars from Promax

It seems that everyone is trying to live a more active lifestyle, lose weight and eat a healthy diet. But there are times when we all need a boost, some snack that satisfies our sweet tooth but also nourishes our bodies and provides the energy and protein that we need to get through our busy day.

Promax makes a line of delicious and nutritious healthy snack bars. With only 70 calories, it won't put you off your diet.

But with these high protein bars, you get nutrition and satisfaction for your growling tummy without excess calories that put on the pounds, nor will they spoil your mealtime by making you too full.

When you need an all natural energy bar that can satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your hunger without destroying your diet, try one of Promax's great varieties, like Cookies n' Cream. It's a yummy way to boost your energy without guilt!

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