Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Three Degrees of Burns

Sometimes a burn is just a stinging red mark from the iron or a hot pan, and sometimes it is severe enough that it requires medical attention right away.
Can you recognize the types of burns and the correct treatment for each type?

Because burns can range in severity from as mild as a sunburn to being life-threatening, it is imperative to be able to recognize the different types of burns and to know when to seek medical attention.

Burns fall into one of three classifications:

1. First Degree Burn - This is the mildest and least serious type of burn. A first degree burn comes from exposure to low-intensity heat and affects only the epidermis, or the outermost layer of skin. Most first degree burns will not scar and will heal completely in a few days. The skin will be red and there may be some pain, but no blistering. You can use cool water or a soothing topical application of aloe vera gel and keep the area covered and out of the sun. Use over the counter analgesics like Tylenol or Advil for pain but do not take aspirin.

2. Second Degree Burn - This type of burn is more serious and the damage goes down to the dermis as well as burning the entire epidermis. There is more pain because the nerve endings have been exposed. There will be redness, pain, swelling and blistering. Do not treat this type of burn with aloe vera gel. These burns can be prone to infection if not treated properly. Run cool water over the area for ten to fifteen minutes. Apply antiseptic ointment and cover with a clean gauze bandage. Once new skin has begun to form, you can use Vitamin E to promote healing and minimize scarring. If the burn covers an area exceeding 3 inches, or is on the hands, feet, face or genitals, seek medical treatment.

3. Third Degree Burn - This is the most serious type of burn. A third degree burn involves all the layers of the skin and the underlying tissue and nerves may be destroyed.
The victim may feel no pain but may also be in shock. The skin may appear charred or may be missing. Do not attempt to treat a third degree burn, seek medical attention immediately.

Never apply butter or grease to a burn, it could cause infection and slow healing. Do not scratch the area, a healing burn will itch but scratching or picking at the scab will delay healing. If in doubt about a burn and its severity, always seek the advice of a medical professional.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cranberry Juice - The Healthy Antibiotic

Cranberries are not just for Thanksgiving. The tiny red berry with the tart bite holds a myriad of health benefits, especially for women.

Cranberry juice has long been extolled as a cure for urinary tract infections, but the advice was mostly anecdotal. However, recent studies have not only proven the efficacy of cranberry juice in treating urinary tract infections, they seem to show that the cranberry has many properties that make it both a delicious and healthy addition to your diet as well as a possible alternative to antibiotics.

Cranberry juice contains a group of compounds called tannins (proanthocyanidins) which can actually change E. coli bacteria in ways that make it impossible for the bacteria to initiate an infection. These compounds change the shape of the bacteria, alter the cell membranes of the bacteria and make it more difficult for the bacteria to latch onto cells.

In both the bladder and on teeth, a material in cranberries puts down a slick coating that keeps bacteria from adhering. In fact, a study at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that cranberry juice keeps plaque from forming and stops the ability of the cavity-causing Streptococcus mutans from sticking to teeth.

In addition to these health benefits, cranberry juice also packs a dose of several important nutrients - Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Lutein and Potassium. This little red berry is high in flavanoids and polyphenic compounds which have been shown to reduce LDL, the bad cholesterol. Cranberries also contain powerful antioxidants that can reduce your risk of cancer. A combination of cranberry juice and antibiotics has been shown to be more effective in conquering H. pylori, the bacteria responsible for ulcers.

At this time, many of the health benefits of cranberry juice, such as reduced frequency of bladder infections, seem to be true only for women. But as one researcher put it, we don't know everything there is to know about the cranberry, and recommends that both men and women should drink two glasses of cranberry juice per day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Millions Treated Unnecessarily for Osteoporosis

New research published in the British Medical Journal suggests that millions of women are being encouraged to take drugs to treat "osteopenia" or a risk of osteoporosis and that the marketing of the pharmaceutical companies exaggerates the benefits and quietly minimizes the risks.

According to the researchers, it amounts to one possible averted vertebral fracture amongst 270 women taking the drugs. However, there is little to no mention of the increased risk of blood clots.

"We need to ask whether the coming wave of marketing targeting those women with pre-osteoporosis will result in the sound effective prevention of fractures or the unnecessary and wasteful treatment of millions more healthy women," the authors conclude.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Fashion Frames from ZenniOptical

Eyeglasses not only correct your vision but can be a fashion accessory in themselves. Choosing the right frame will enhance your features, highlight your bone structure and compliment your coloring.

Generally speaking, your frame shape should be in contrast to your face shape, that is, if you have a round face, don't choose a round frame, it will make your face even rounder. Go for something with angles like a rectangular shape, it will make your face appear thinner. The opposite is true for a square face, you want to soften the angles and make the face look longer, so go with narrow frames with oval shaped lenses.

Whatever your face shape, you don't have to pay big money for designer frames to get fabulous designs and colors. Thanks to my new Great Discovery: where you can get a complete pair of frames complete with lenses for as little as $8.00!

You won't believe the selection and the prices. Get single vision or bifocals at unbelievably low prices. This is great, especially if you like to have a second pair of glasses for emergencies, you can afford two for less than the price of one pair at most optometrists. You will need a current prescription to order, if you don't have a copy, get one from your eye doctor.

Saliva Testing for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States. Until now, the best ways of discovering and diagnosing breast cancer has been self-exam and mammographies, followed by biopsies and blood tests.

But what if you could be screened for breast cancer with just a saliva sample? New research has found that having breast cancer changes the mix of proteins in saliva. In testing, researchers were able to identify differences in the saliva of women with breast cancer and healthy women. They were even able to find unique proteins for the most common type of benign tumor, fibroadenoma.

The study could lead to less invasive ways of identifying and diagnosing breast cancer and eliminate false positives in patients with benign tumors.

One day you might be able to have your breast cancer screening done at your dentist's office!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lap Band Surgery for Weight Loss

For some, the struggle to lose weight is a never ending series of defeats. For eligible candidates, adjustable gastric bypass, or Lap Band surgery is an effective treatment. The laparoscopic procedure requires only tiny incisions through which instruments, including a camera, are inserted. This less invasive technique means fewer complications compared to gastric bypass surgery.

The LAP BAND is an adjustable band that is placed at the top of the stomach. This creates a smaller pouch but allows for normal digestion. You eat less and feel fuller while you learn new and healthier eating habits.

For weight loss tampa Lap Band surgery by JourneyLite has facilities especially designed for Lap Band patients and doctors who are certified in the Lap Band procedure. Your comfort and success is important to them. You can sign up for a free seminar to find out if Lap Band surgery is for you.

Weight Gain Related Low Self Esteem

It is well known that adolescent girls are very sensitive to their social standing amongst their peers. But a recent study also came to the disturbing conclusion that popularity amongst peers affects more than their social standing. It can affect their weight.

Questionnaires of girls 12-18 on their own perception of their popularity were reviewed two years after completion. The BMI of those who rated themselves closer to the bottom of a 0-10 rating scale had a 69% increased chance of having a higher BMI in the two years since they completed the survey.

Those who scored themselves in the bottom 4 spots on the 10 rung ladder of popularity and esteem amongst peers, were more susceptible to weight gain than those who scored themselves in the top five spots.

The study highlights the need to take into account self-esteem, behavioral and socioeconomincal factors when examining the problem of overweight in adolescents.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Unsecured Small Business Loans

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