Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Women's Magazines Downplay the Downside of Cosmetic Surgery

Women's magazines tend to promote only the psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery, and not report the possibility of negative emotional impact. This conclusion is the result of a study of articles regarding cosmetic surgery in popular women's magazines conducted by Andrea N. Polonijo and Richard M. Carpiano at the University of British Colombia.

Women are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty or to alter body features they dislike. Cosmetic surgery can also be a means of maintaining beauty, through procedures that restore a youthful appearance. The study found that articles about cosmetic surgery gave detailed information about the physical risks of surgery, but tended to portray surgery as being only beneficial to a woman's emotional well-being without mentioning the risk of anxiety or depression following a procedure.

Additionally, the articles tended to use descriptions given by men to define standards of women's attractiveness to justify cosmetic surgery an 29 percent of articles discussed the impact that a woman's cosmetic surgery has on men.

Polonijo said in a press statement that:

"Alongside beauty, clothing and diet advice, women's magazines present cosmetic surgery as a normal practice for enhancing or maintaining beauty, becoming more attractive to men and improving emotional health."


Monday, November 10, 2008

Migraines May Mean Lower Breast Cancer Risk

It's hard to find something good to say about migraines, but new research may give you some comfort if you are a migraine sufferer. A new study indicates that migraine sufferers have a nearly one-third lower risk of getting breast cancer.

More women suffer migraines than men and researchers believe it is related to hormonal changes. Migraine frequency decreases with high levels of estrogen. Some types of breast cancers appear to be related to higher estrogen levels as well.

In particular, migraine history appeared to reduce the risk of the most common subtypes of breast cancer: those that are estrogen-receptor and/or progesterone-receptor positive. Such tumors have estrogen and/or progesterone receptors, or docking sites, on the surface of their cells, which makes them more responsive to hormone-blocking drugs than tumors that lack such receptors.

To read more on this study that was funded by The National Cancer Institute, you can find it at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grapes Lower Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you probably take medication to lower it, but a University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study indicates that eating grapes may add important protection against cardiovascular damage.

In the study, rats who are bred to develop high blood pressure were fed a high salt diet. Those who received grape powder in their diet not only had lower blood pressure, but escaped heart damage that occurred even in rats that were given a medication to lower blood pressure. In spite of the salty diet, the rats who got the grape powder had better heart function and lower blood pressure.

The lowering effect on blood pressure is thought to be due to the high level of phytochemicals – naturally occurring antioxidants – that grapes contain. The study used a combination of green, red and black grapes.

“Although there are many natural compounds in the grape powder itself that may have an effect, the things that we think are having an effect against the hypertension may be the flavanoids – either by direct antioxidant effects, by indirect effects on cell function, or both. These flavanoids are rich in all parts of the grape - skin, flesh and seed, all of which were in our powder.”

Read more at the University of Michigan Health System website.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

iLASIK Vision Correction

Did you know that over 3.5 million laser vision correction procedures were done around the world last year? In the last ten years, 32 million people have had laser eye surgery, with good results and freedom from glasses and contacts. Laser surgery is nearly painless and yields fantastic results.

NASA and the US military both use modern LASIK technology. In fact, the newest laser technology called iLASIK is being used by the Department of Defense and NASA to improve the vision of mission-critical personnel. The results were astounding with 95% of military personnel achieving 20/20 vision after having iLASIK.

iLASIK uses two lasers instead of one. First the patient's eyes are mapped by wave-front technology. Then a corneal flap is created by an ultrafast, precise laser. The mapping data is used for vision correction and the combination of technologies creates a custom fit. The result is a better laser vision correction technology. Vist iLASIK for more LASIK information.


Chicken Soup for Blood Pressure?

There may be more to that pot of chicken soup than just making you feel better when you have a cold. New studies indicate that chicken may contain ingredients to lower your blood pressure.

Chicken collagen found in the legs and feet, has effects similar to ACE inhibitors - medications used to treat high blood pressure. Chicken breast contains this collagen as well but in very small amounts. The legs and feet are often used in soups, and appear to be a better source of the proteins that showed promise in lowering blood pressure.

The studies are cited in an article published in the Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Death Certificates Online

Whether you are researching genealogical records or need documentation for insurance purposes, finding death records and death certificates can be an arduous task. However, you can search quickly and easily online through a vast database of death certificates nationwide. Whether you want New York death records or california death records, FreeDeathCertificate.org is a valuable resource for help in finding the document you seek.

HHS New Guidelines for Physical Activity

The US Department of Health and Human Services has released it's new Physical Activity Guidelines. The new guidelines contain specific recommendations for different age group and those who have special considerations.

The HHS states that physical activity improves overall health and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

Here are the new guidelines according to their fact sheet:

Children and adolescents should participate in one hour or more of physical activity per day; and most of the activity should be moderate or vigorous aerobic physical activity. They should participate in vigorous physical activity at least three days a week. They should participate in muscle-strengthening activities, such as push-ups and sit-ups and playing tug-of-war, three days a week. They should incorporate bone-strengthening activities, such as jumping rope, hopping or running, at least three days a week.

Adults gain substantial health benefits from two and one half hours a week of moderate aerobic physical activity or an hour and 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity. Aerobic activity, such as walking briskly, water aerobics, ballroom dancing, jogging, and jumping rope, should be performed in episodes of at least 10 minutes. Increasing aerobic physical activity to five hours a week of moderate activity or two and one half hours a week of vigorous aerobic physical activity, results in more extensive health benefits. Adults should do muscle-strengthening activities, such as weight training, push-ups, sit-ups, carrying heavy loads and heavy gardening, at least two days a week.

Older adults generally should follow the guidelines for adults. If chronic conditions limit their ability to do two and one half hours a week of moderate aerobic activity, they should be as physically active as their abilities and conditions allow.

Be safe as well as active. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans include tips for safe physical activity. Some examples are choosing activities appropriate for current fitness level and health goals; increasing physical activity gradually over time to meet guidelines or health goals; and using appropriate gear and sports equipment and looking for safe environments.

More information can be obtained at the US Department of Health & Human Services website.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Find Sex Offenders in Your Area

It's simply a fact that women have to be aware of the statistics regarding sexual crimes committed against them. They also worry about protecting their children from sexual predators who could be living near them and posing a danger to their young innocents. But thanks to this website, performing a local Sexual Predator Search is easy.

This information on sexual predators, including their location and addresses, is available to the public due to "Megan's Law". Named for Megan Kanka, a young girl who was raped and murdered by a sexual predator with previous offenses, this law entitles parents to be aware of any sex offenders living in their neighborhood.

You will receive not only a list of sex offenders living in your area, but also their addresses, color photos to help you identify them and a free child ID kit, to further protect your child. Don't delay in taking this step to protect your children against known sex offenders.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nuts to Cholesterol !

Say "Nuts!" to your cholesterol is you want to lower it. Pistachio nuts to be specific. The little green nut with the funny-sounding name is more than just a tasty snack. According to a study at Penn State University, these little treats can have an effect on cholesterol levels.

Participants in the study all followed variations of a cholesterol-lowering diet, but when pistachio nuts were added, bad cholesterol (LDL) levels began to fall. Because the ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol is a greater predictor of cardiovascular risk, the effects of pistachio nuts on cholesterol make them a healthy way to go green.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Incontinence Can Be Treated with Exercise

Are you a woman who is having urinary incontinence problems? You might want to see your physical therapist.

According to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, pelvic floor muscle training in conjunction with bladder training could resolve the symptoms of urinary incontinence that women suffer.

A course of training with a physical therapist that is focused on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to increase control proved more effective at resolving incontinence problems than drugs, estrogen or other therapies.

Key to the eradication of incontinence problems are Kegel exercises. A physical therapist can help women identify the muscles involved and train them in exercises specifically designed to strengthen them and improve control.

Nearly a quarter of all women suffer from urinary incontinence.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cases of MS may be underestimated says WHO

Multiple Sclerosis has been estimated to affect 1.3 million people worldwide, but a new study indicates that the number of cases may be much higher than previously thought.

MS is a progressive and degenerative neurological disease that results in demyelinization of nerve sheaths. It can cause fatigue, vision loss, problems with balance and mobility and muscle spasm as well as a variety of neurological symptoms.

MS is most prevalent in colder climates and in developed nations but the study conducted by the MS International Federation and the World Health Organization shows that some cases of MS were found in nearly every country that took part in the survey.

MS may go undiagnosed in poorer nations where the necessary expensive medical equipment may not be available.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Chat Forum for BBWs

Are you a big, beautiful woman looking for a place to meet new people for fun, chat and friendship? Have you been looking for BBW Chat Rooms?. Well here's a new chat forum dedicated to big, beautiful women. You can sign up quickly and easily, and it's all free. At BBW Chat City, even video chatting is free. You can meet new friends from all over the world. Share your interests, learn about people from different countries and even find friends who may be in your area.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Diet and Exercise Alleviate PMS

Do you suffer from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome? PMS affects a majority of women, sometimes in life-limiting ways. PMS doesn't just produce physical discomfort, but can cause emotional and behavioral changes that affect the personal and professional lives of women who experience it.

The UK-based National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome (NAPS) has done research indicating that lifestyle and diet changes can greatly lessen the symptoms of PMS.

Among suggested dietary changes are things like limiting salt intake, cutting down on caffeine and eating low fat foods. Attention to eating smaller and more frequent meals while increasing exercise is also recommended.

You can read the full article and download a diet plan by going to Medical News Today

Monday, September 8, 2008

Acupuncture May Treat PCOS

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be helped with acupuncture treatments according to this press release from the University of Virginia Health System.

Acupuncture may provide a non-drug treatment for hormonal imbalances and help the patient achieve regular menstrual cycles, which in turn will increase their chances for becoming pregnant. Because PCOS interferes with ovulation, it also affects fertility.

While there are other options for treatment involving traditional drugs and therapies, the UVA Health System research is aimed at examining new treatments that will be effective in curing the symptoms of PCOS.

"Over the last year we have seen women who never had a regular menstrual cycle start having regular periods. We can also boast several pregnancies since the study began," said Lisa Pastore, principal researcher of the the study. "Now we would like to recruit more people to the study in order to complete the study. It is important for research to have enough participants to ensure that the results are scientifically credible and not due to chance."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and Relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve at the wrist joint. The median nerve runs from the forearm to the hand, and controls movement of the fingers and thumb.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may commonly occur in those who are involved in an occupation that requires repetitive motion of the wrist. Women are three times more likely to develop carpal tunnel than men. If you work at a computer for several hours a day as I do, you may have experienced symptoms of carpal tunnel, such as burning, tingling, or itching numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers or weakness of grip and the inability to grasp small objects. Symptoms of carpal tunnel start gradually and increase over time, so don't think it will go away on its own.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to provide proper support for the wrist and forearm as you conduct your daily activities. Such support can provide carpal tunnel relief from the pain and numbness commonly associated with CTS and may even prevent its development. The IMAK SmartGlove provides support with a flexible support splint and the massaging ergoBeads pad under the wrist improves circulation. The SmartGlove will keep your wrist in an ergonomically correct position and fits either hand.

Sponsored by IMAK

Scientists Find Enzyme That May Cause Endometriosis

Endometriosis, a condition in which patches of the lining of the uterus appeark in other parts of the body, is the most common cause of pelvic pain in women. Now researchers at the University of Liverpool have discovered and identified an enzyme that could be responsible for this condition.

Researchers discovered that an enzyme, called telomerase, is released by cells in the inner lining of the womb during the latter stages of the menstrual cycle in women who are affected by endometriosis. Telomerase is not commonly found in the cells that make up the body, but is uniquely found in the inner lining of the womb and in some special cells, such as sperm and egg cells. The enzyme is also found in cancer cells and is thought to be responsible for replicating DNA sequences during cell division in chromosomes.

The research, published in Human Reproduction, will help scientists develop new techniques for diagnosing and treating the condition.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Join an Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Alzheimer's is a devastating disease that steals from both the sufferer and his or her family. Loved ones and caregivers often feel helpless as they watch Alzheimer's ravage the memory of the sufferer, plunging its victim into confusion and robbing them of a beloved father, mother or grandparent.

But there is something you can do to help. The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk helps to raise public awareness of Alzheimer's as well as raising money to fund research and support. Volunteers are needed to participate in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Memory Walks are being held in over 600 communities, you can check for one near you at the Alzheimer's Association website. Walks are generally 2-3 miles long and held on during a weekend in the fall. By walking for Alzheimer's you can help - you can join those who are working to find the key to Alzheimer's, working towards prevention, treatment and perhaps someday, a cure. Join a team in your community or form your own team and walk with a purpose.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Know The 5 Steps to Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes a loss in the bone mineral density (BMD). This means that the sufferer is more susceptible to bone fractures. Osteoporosis can affect both men and women, but is most common in post-menopausal women.

One of the most important health concerns for women approaching menopause is to maintain bone health and prevent or treat osteoporosis.

To this end, The National Osteoporosis Foundation wants you to know the 5 steps to bone health.


Get your daily recommended amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D.

Engage in regular weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise.

Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
Talk to your healthcare provider about bone health.

Have a bone density test and take medication when appropriate.

You can get more information on osteoporosis at the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s website, www.nof.org/.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Preventing Never Events

In a hospital or medical care facility, there are some things that should just not happen to patients. In medical terms these are called Never Events. Many insurers, including Medicare have announced that they will not pay for Never Events and many hospitals are pledging not to charge for services related to Never Events. There are 28 Never Events recognized by the National Quality Forum.

One example of a Never Event would be Pressure Ulcers. Pressure ulcers, often called bedsores, occur when skin is compressed between bone and hard surfaces for long periods of time without shifting the body's weight. These areas of skin break down and can become ulcerated or necrotic. Hospitals and medical facilities can and do use any number of devices and cushions designed to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers.

Another Never Event that can prove very dangerous for a patient is an Elopement which is when a patient wanders away from a medical facility, or disappears. There are numerous approaches to preventing elopements and depend upon the patient's mobility and mental status. Large and highly visible signs advising the patient not to exit doors or enter other areas may be effective in some cases. Other types of prevention may include the use of door alarms or personal alarms and systems that will help locate a patient who has eloped.

These types of Never Events could occur in a home care setting as well. If you are a caregiver,products used in the prevention of such Never Events can be purchased and used in a home setting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Give Me 5 Stroke Check

To increase awareness amongst Americans of the symptoms of stroke, the American Academy of Neurology, the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association have introduced The Give Me 5 for Stroke Collaborative.

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or bursts. When that happens, part of the brain cannot get the blood (and oxygen) it needs, so it starts to die. Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in the United States.

The Give Me 5 quick stroke check:

WALK (Is their balance off?)
TALK (Is their speech slurred?)
REACH (Is one side weak or numb?)
SEE (Is their vision all or partly lost?)
FEEL (Is their headache severe?)

You can read about the 5 signs of stroke in more detail at The Give Me 5 for Stroke Collaborative website. If you see even just one of these symptoms, even if it goes away, it could signal a stroke. Do not delay. If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering a stroke, call 9-1-1 and get to the emergency department for immediate medical attention.

Low Levels of HDL Increase Risk of Dementia, Memory Loss

A new study suggests that low levels of good cholesterol (HDL or high density lipoproteins) may increase the risk of memory loss by age 60 and lead to dementia later in life.

The study found that:

• At age 55, participants with low HDL cholesterol showed a 27 percent increased risk of memory loss when compared to those with high HDL.
• At age 60, participants with low HDL had a 53 percent increased risk of memory loss compared to the high HDL group.
• During the five years between phases 5 and 7, study members with decreasing HDL had a 61 percent increased risk of decline in their ability to remember words versus those with high HDL.
• Men and women did not differ significantly in the link between lipids and memory loss, so researchers combined data from both sexes for analysis.
• Total cholesterol and triglycerides did not show a link with memory decline.
• Using statin drugs to raise HDL and/or lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) showed no association with memory loss.

High levels of LDLs or the "bad cholesterol" have been previously associated with increased risk of artherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke. This new study indicates that health practitioners should also be monitoring a patient's levels of good cholesterol as an indicator of future cogitive health.

A combination of diet and lifestyle changes along with cholesterol-lowering statins may be recommended by a health practitioner to bring a patient's cholesterol levels into a healthy range.

To raise HDL and lower LDL cholesterol, the American Heart Association recommends exercising regularly; eliminating trans fats from the diet; reducing the intake of all fats, especially saturated fats; and consuming monounsaturated fats, such as olive, canola and peanut oils. Statins can also improve HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, when they pose a heart risk.

You can read more about the study at The American Heart Association website.

Wigs Boost Self Esteem for Women with Hair Loss

Wigs can be worn for fun or fashion. It's always exciting to change your look entirely and experience life in new style. You can use hair extensions and hair volumizers to add length and fullness to your own hair as well. But looking stylish is not the only reason that women might choose to wear Wigs.

Some women may suffer from thinning hair as a result of heredity, medication side-effects, even poor nutrition. Although baldness is less common in women than men, the emotional effects for women are much more keenly felt. For women who want to conceal hair loss, Human Hair Wigs are an excellent choice.

Those women who have suffered hair loss due to cancer treatments may be ready to return to work or just re-enter society long before their natural locks have had a chance to regrow. A sense of pride in appearance is of inestimable value to a womans self-esteem. While waiting for her hair to grow in enough to style, she may benefit from wearing Real Hair Wigs in styles and shades that match her own hair.

Wigs can fulfill many needs in a woman's life, and today's wigs are realistic, beautiful and come in a wide array of styles. Whether for fun, fashion or due to hair thinning or hair loss, a wig can boost a woman's self-esteem by giving her an exciting new look. To shop for and order affordable wigs, discreetly and from a wide selection of famous-name styles, voguewigs.com is an excellent resource.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FDA Cracks Down on Fake Cancer Cures

The Internet is an amazing resource full of important news and information. But it can also be used by scammers to prey on the vulnerable, and for some, staying clear of health scams can mean the difference between life and death.

The FDA has recently sent out warning letters to 23 companies in the US and two foreign individuals, advising them to stop marketing fake "cancer cures" on the internet.

These fake cures contain various herbs, mushrooms and some animal products that have not been approved for their labeled use.

"Although promotions of bogus cancer 'cures' have always been a problem, the Internet has provided a mechanism for them to flourish," said Margaret O'K. Glavin, the FDA's associate commissioner for regulatory affairs. "These warning letters are an important step to ensure that consumers do not become the victim of false 'cures' that may cause greater harm to their health."

Examples of fraudulent claims for these products include:

* "Treats all forms of cancer"
* "Causes cancer cells to commit suicide!"
* "80% more effective than the world's number one cancer drug"
* "Skin cancers disappear"
* "Target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone"
* "Shrinks malignant tumors"
* "Avoid painful surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other conventional treatments"

You can see a complete list of the fake cancer 'cure' products and their manufacturers along with a consumer article on health scams here, http://www.fda.gov/cder/news/fakecancercures.htm.

Natural Care Latex Mattress

A good night's sleep is the foundation for good health, but sleeping on a poor foundation won't produce the restful sleep your body needs. The best mattress is that supports your body in comfort without uncomfortable pressure points.

And now that comfort can be environmentally friendly as well with the new Natural Care Bed by Danny Seo. Danny, the author of the popular Simply Green and a well-known environmentalist, has teamed with Simmons to produce an all-natural Latex Mattress that provides supreme support and restful sleep.

What's different about the Simmons Natural Care mattress? Many things that are kind to both the sleeper and the environment. These Latex Mattresses are made from natural rubber tree latex which supports you fully, eliminating pressure points. Another natural material, soy is added to the base foam. It's mold and mildew resistant as well as being naturally resistant to dust mites. It's also hypoallergenic. More health benefits! And all the materials used come from renewable, natural sources, including the wood used in the foundation. You can feel good about the environmental impact of your mattress purchase.

This mattress, besides being bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly, comes with a 20 year guarantee. It's one way to be kind to the environment and yourself - you can live green and sleep peacefully.

FDA Approves Genetic Test for Breast Cancer Patients

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a novel genetic test for determining whether patients with breast cancer are good candidates for treatment with the drug Herceptin (trastuzumab).

The SPOT-Light HER2 CISH kit is a test that measures the number of copies of the HER2 gene in tumor tissue. This gene regulates the growth of cancer cells.

A healthy breast cell has two copies of the HER2 gene, which sends a signal to cells, telling them when to grow, divide and make repairs. Patients with breast cancer may have more copies of this HER2 gene, prompting them to overproduce HER2 protein so that more signals are sent to breast cells. As a result, the cells grow and divide much too quickly.

“When used with other clinical information and laboratory tests, this test can provide health care professionals with additional insight on treatment decisions for patients with breast cancer,” said Daniel Schultz, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

The SPOT-Light test counts the number of HER2 genes in a small sample of removed tumor. The removed piece is stained with a chemical that causes any HER2 genes in the sample to change color. This color change can be visualized under a standard microscope, eliminating the need for the more expensive and complex fluorescent microscopes required to read assays already on the market. Unlike existing tests, the SPOT-Light allows labs to store the tissue for future reference.

Patients who over-produce HER2 protein are typically treated with the drug Herceptin, which targets HER2 protein production. This helps to stop the growth of HER2 cancer cells.

The FDA based its approval of the SPOT-Light test on a study using tumor samples from patients with breast cancer in the United States and Finland. These studies confirmed that the test was effective in determining how many HER2 genes were in these patients.

SPOT-Light is manufactured by Invitrogen Corp. of Carlsbad, Calif. Herceptin is manufactured by Genentech, of San Francisco, Calif.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Storing Stem Cells Could Ensure Future Health for Women

Stem cell research has opened up new possibilities in the treatment of many diseases and conditions. For today's woman there is now the exciting opportunity to save her own stem cells for use in later life should she or her children face life-threatening diseases such as such as osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. An article at CNNmoney.com further explains the technology that makes this possible.

The process involves a method of collecting and storing the stem cells found in a woman's monthly menstrual fluid and is a service of C'elle. The non-invasive collection process allows menstrual cells to be processed and cryo-preserved (stored at a very low temperature) for potential cellular therapies that may be used in the future.

For a personal view, watch a real
C'elle Client Testimonial.

This incredible technology could empower women to take control of their future health and potentially that of their families.

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

Sleep Difficulties Increase During Menopause

Are you going through perimenopause or menopause and having difficulty sleeping? According to a new study from Rush University, sleep disorders are more prevalent amongst women going through menopause, with 16% of postmenopausal women reporting difficulty falling asleep and 41% who reported waking up frequently during the night.

Caucasian women reported more difficulty staying asleep than other ethnic groups. Hispanic women were less likely to wake several times a night or to report waking early.

If you are having sleep difficulties, talk to your doctor about it. Sleep is an essential function and having too little can pose other health concerns.

Women should feel comfortable discussing their sleep problems with their healthcare providers to sort out the many potential contributing factors,” said Howard Kravitz, DO, MPH, associate professor of psychiatry and preventive medicine at Rush University Medical Center and a principal investigator of the study. “Undiagnosed and untreated sleep disturbances can contribute to decreased well-being and functioning in family, social and occupational roles.”

The study was published in the July issue of SLEEP.

Read the press release.

Medical Careers: Medical Assistant

Careers in the medical field are exciting and fulfilling, and training for one can be a lot easier than you think. Training for a career as a medical assistant can be done online in as little as 6-8 weeks at a medical assistant school.

Medical assistants work in doctors' offices and closely with patients, assisting in various tasks that allow the doctors and nurses more quality time with each patient. Working with patients can be a rewarding experience and a medical assistant works in a professional atmosphere with medical professionals.

If you are interested in one of the fastest-growing medical careers and want to learn more about training online to be a medical assistant, St Augustine's Educational Systems has a home study program that is both accredited and affordable.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Silent Killer

It's called the silent killer. It does not reveal itself to the sufferer in alarming symptoms but works quietly and insidiously through the years, damaging the heart and blood vessels. Left untreated, it can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. As many as one-third of people with this condition do not know they have it, yet it can be detected with a simple test, and controlled with proper treatment. This silent killer is hypertension, or high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of the blood on the arterial walls and the responding pressure of the arteries as they resist.

You may be diagnosed with prehypertension if your blood pressure consistently falls in the range of 120-129 systolic and 80-89 diastolic pressure. Treatment to lower your blood pressure should start now.

High blood pressure is divided into two stages:

Stage 1 - Systolic 140-159 or Diastolic 90-99
Stage 2 - Systolic over 160 or Diastolic over 100


There are several types of medicines used to help lower blood pressure. If you are diagnosed with hypertension, your doctor will prescribe medication in conjunction with lifestyle changes to help keep your blood pressure under control. Sometimes drugs are used in combination to produce the best result. The patient can assist in their own treatment in the following ways:

* Maintaining a healthy weight
* Eating a healthy diet that is low in fat and cholesterol
* Limiting salt intake
* Getting moderate exercise
* Quitting smoking
* Reducing and managing stress
* Limiting alcohol intake to two drinks per day for men, one drink per day for women

Remember, only your doctor can diagnose high blood pressure, so have it checked regularly and follow your doctor's recommendations.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cholesterol and Your Health

How do you know if you have high blood cholesterol? There are no symptoms associated with high cholesterol, you can't feel it or see it. The only way to find out if your cholesterol levels are elevated is to have a blood test.

Cholesterol is a waxy, fatty substance produced by the human body and is found in every cell. The body uses cholesterol to aid in the digestion of certain foods, produce some hormones and make Vitamin D. Why then, if cholesterol does all these good things, do we hear it is so bad for us?

The answer lies in the fact that the body produces its own cholesterol. Therefore, additional intake of the cholesterol is not needed and because of the effects of excess cholesterol in the body, it can lead to serious medical conditions.

Eventually, excess cholesterol in your blood can lead to fatty deposits in blood vessels that narrow them and restrict the flow of blood. This narrowing of the blood vessels is called atherosclerosis. These fatty deposits, called plaque, can lead to heart disease, blood clot and stroke.

Plaque deposits can cause restricted blood flow in other parts of the body as well. Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD, is caused by fatty deposits in the arteries that supply blood to the legs. The insufficiency of blood to the limbs leads to pain, cramping, disability and even amputation.

The dangers associated with high cholesterol are many, but detection and treatment can lower your risk for most. Make sure you know what your cholesterol levels are. If they are high, talk to your doctor about diet, lifestyle changes and medication to bring your cholesterol into the recommended range.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Health Care Survey - Win an iPod Nano

Here's an opportunity to get your chance to win an iPod nano for simply filling out a brief online survey. Development Dimensions International is conducting their annual "Quest for Health Care Excellence" survey and need participants who are executives in the health care industry. The survey takes about ten minutes. At the end of the survey participants will be asked for their contact information - name, organization and email. A drawing will be held on Monday, June 23, 2008, to randomly select a winner from among the participants completing the survey.

If you're an HR executive in a hospital or health care delivery system, DDI would appreciate your input. To take the survey, click here.

HRT Declared Safe for Women 50-59

The newest reports on HRT advise that for women aged 50 to 59 in the early years of the menopause, HRT is safe and effective.

A panel of international experts now advises that women should be given HRT in the earlier stages of menopause to reduce serious menopausal symptoms without fear of increasing the risk of heart attack.

The study concluded that there could be a slight increase in the risk for breast cancer but that the effect of HRT was dwarfed by other risk factors.

The current advice to health professionals is that HRT should only be offered to women with serious menopausal symptoms for the shortest time possible. After five years doctors are not expected to continue prescribing the treatment without thoroughly discussing the potential risks with the patient.

According to the scientists conducting the study, the risks of HRT were blown out of proportion by the Women's Health Initiative study in 2002.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Choosing a Drug Rehab

What if someone you loved had a problem with drug or alcohol addiction? Addiction not only destroys the life of the addict, but affects his or her family and friends. If loved ones are privileged enough to be able to intervene and help, they may be confused as to where they can obtain the treatment that the addict needs to get over the addiction and build a new life. If your loved one needed help, where would you find effective and professional Drug Rehab treatment?

When looking for a drug and alcohol rehab facility, you need to take many things into consideration. In order to be effective, a program must address all the needs of the patient. A facility like Cliffside Malibu incorporates a variety of clinical components to offer comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Adults suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction and other disorders are first detoxed and then assigned an individual therapist who oversees their treatment program. Additional treatments include group therapy, extended care and even alternative medicine for a complete and effective program.

Clifside Malibu offers a comprehensive program for drug and Alcohol Treatment in a beautiful natural setting. When you choose a drug rehab center, you want all the advantages that a facility like Cliffside Malibu can offer.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Physical Activity Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer

Physical activity in leisure time during teen and adult years can cut the risk of premenopausal breast cancer in women. Previous studies linked physical activity with a reduction in postmenopausal breast cancer, but a new study,"A Prospective Study of Age-Specific Physical Activity and Premenopausal Breast Cancer", published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, proves that it holds true for premenopausal breast cancer as well.

One reason that exercise could have a beneficial effect in lowering the risk for younger women, is that being active reduces levels of estrogen. High levels of estrogen have been linked to a higher risk of breast cancer.

"Leisure-time physical activity was associated with a reduced risk for premenopausal breast cancer in this cohort. Premenopausal women regularly engaging in high amounts of physical activity during both adolescence and adulthood may derive the most benefit."

High levels of physical activity from age 12 to 22 contributed most strongly to the association between physical activity and the reduced risk of breast cancer.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black Cohosh May Impair Chemotherapy Effects

Breast cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy should not take black cohosh, according to a new Yale University study. Black cohosh is an herbal remedy for hot flashes and has become increasingly popular amongst menopausal women over the last few years. Because black cohosh is not a prescription drug, many women may not tell their doctors that they are taking it. But if they are receiving treatment for breast cancer, they should

However it appears that black cohosh can impair the effectiveness of certain chemotherapy medications. The black cohosh had no effect on normal breast cancer cells nor on breast cancer cells that had been treated with radiation. However, on breast cancer cells that had been treated with certain chemotherapy drugs, there were significant effects noted at 2 1/2 times the recommended dose. Doctors feel some women may well be taking that amount to treat menopause symptoms.

Our studies caution that black cohosh should not be considered to be a harmless herb that is inconsequential to the health of cancer patients or to the outcome of conventional cancer therapy. Until the effects of black cohosh are better defined, the use of this and similar herbal preparations by breast cancer patients should be avoided.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is Brain Molecule the Key to Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is an often misunderstood and mis-diagnosed condition that can cause severe, debilitating pain and disability for sufferers. Until now, a definite cause of fibromyalgia has been a mystery, although it has been linked to trauma, stress, depression and co-morbidity with other diseases.

But now researchers at the University of Michigan Health System have discovered a link between fibromyalgia and a specific brain molecule. The molecule is glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter. Researchers found that when glutamate levels decreased, so did the severity of pain.

Previous studies have shown that fibromyalgia sufferers had increased activity in some brain regions, namely the insula. Neurons in these patients are more active in this part of the brain and researchers hypothesize that more activity among these neurons might be related to the level of glutamate in this region.

To gauge the linkage between pain and glutamate, the researchers used a non-invasive brain imaging techinique called proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H-MRS). H-MRS was performed once before and once following a four-week course of acupuncture or “sham” acupuncture.

Researchers used either acupuncture or sham acupuncture to reduce pain symptoms. The sham procedure involved using a sharp device to prick the skin in order to mimic real acupuncture sensations.

Following the four weeks of treatment, both clinical and experimental pain reported were reduced significantly. More importantly the reduction in both pain outcomes was linked with reductions in glutamate levels in the insula: patients with greater reductions in pain showed greater reductions in glutamate. This suggests that glutamate may play a role in this disease and that it could potentially be used as a biomarker of disease severity.

University of Michigan - Pain in fibromyalgia is linked to changes in brain molecule

Monday, May 5, 2008

Milk and Dairy Do Not Promote Weight Loss

A new review of clinical trials conducted between 1966 and 2007 that assessed the effect of milk and dairy products on body weight indicates that dairy intake does not necesarily help roduce weight loss as has been recently reported.

Evidence from the trials showed that neither dairy products nor calcium supplements helped people lose weight. Of the 49 clinical trials, 41 showed no effect, two demonstrated weight gain, one showed a lower rate of weight gain, and only five showed weight loss.

The milk industry has used the trials that showed weight loss to promote dairy products as beneficial to dieters and producing weight loss. These findings indicate that increasing dairy intake does not consistently produce weight loss and that some weight loss may be attributed to a reduction in the consumption of some other products, like soda.

This study is published in the May 2008 issue of Nutrition Reviews.

How Dangerous are Bedbugs?

There are many types of insects that inhabit spaces we consider our own. One particularly nasty specimen is the bedbug, an insect you will want to evict from your home if ever you discover its presence.

Bedbugs live in your mattress and emerge just before dawn to feed on your blood. These creatures leave small bites that you may not notice right away but can become itchy after time. Seeing the bite mark evidence on your body may be your only way of knowing that you have a bedbug infestation.

If you have questions regarding how to identify a bedbug infestation, how to rid your home of bedbugs or have other concerns or questions, such as whether you can get diseases from bedbugs, you can get all this information and more at www.bedbugsguide.com.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Prozac May Help Reduce Inflammation in MS Patients

A new study suggests that Prozac may have an inhibiting effect on relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. In a double blind study, participants taking Prozac showed fewer new areas of inflammation than those treated with placebo.

The effects of the Prozac were detectable after 8 weeks, the same amount of time it takes for Prozac to begin to have an effect on depression. Prozac is a popular SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) used to treat depression.

"Results of our exploratory trial are sufficiently encouraging to justify further studies with fluoxetine in patients with MS. Higher doses of fluoxetine and combination treatment with immunomodulatory drugs should be considered."

The study was published in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Energy Bars from Promax

It seems that everyone is trying to live a more active lifestyle, lose weight and eat a healthy diet. But there are times when we all need a boost, some snack that satisfies our sweet tooth but also nourishes our bodies and provides the energy and protein that we need to get through our busy day.

Promax makes a line of delicious and nutritious healthy snack bars. With only 70 calories, it won't put you off your diet.

But with these high protein bars, you get nutrition and satisfaction for your growling tummy without excess calories that put on the pounds, nor will they spoil your mealtime by making you too full.

When you need an all natural energy bar that can satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your hunger without destroying your diet, try one of Promax's great varieties, like Cookies n' Cream. It's a yummy way to boost your energy without guilt!

Arthritis Symptoms and Treatments

Arthritis is defined as an acute or chronic inflammation of a joint, but for millions of sufferers, the diagnosis of arthritis means pain and disability that impact every area of their lives. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis which vary by cause. Osteoarthritis, for instance, is caused by wear and tear on cartilage, but rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an overactive immune system.

Arthritis is diagnosed by a pattern of symptoms which can include pain and inflammation of the joints that reduces function. Joints may be swollen, stiff, with redness and warmth. Some forms of arthritis can affect other parts of the body causing abnormalities in organs such as the heart nd lungs. Other symptoms may include weight loss, fatigue, fever and swelling of glands. Eventually, the ongoing inflammation causes more damage to tissues and joints may become deformed.

Some types of arthritis, such as those caused by an injury or infection, will go away once the injury has healed or the infection has been treated. Other forms of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have no cure, and therefore treatment is focused on reducing the pain and disability that they cause.

Arthritis patients may use OTC pain relievers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Physicians may use corticosteroids for patients with osteoarthritis to suppress the immune system and relieve inflammation. Other immunosuppressants may be prescribed for severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis. Patients may also take natural substances like chondroiton and glucosamine to support joint health. Surgery to replace a damaged joint is the last option, when medication and alternative therapies have failed to bring improvement.

However, lifestyle changes are the first-line treatment for arthritis. The age and circumstances of the patient are taken into consideration, but generally there are some things that the patient can do to improve their overall health, relieve pain and stiffness, and help prevent further disability.

*Exercise - Moderate exercise that strengthens the muscles around the joints and increases joint range of motion are recommended to keep patients active and mobile.

* Diet - Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain essential vitamins and anti-oxidants essential to good health. Add salmon, mackerel, and herring to your diet for Omega 3 fatty acids. These can also be found in flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and soybean oil.

* Reduce stress

* Rest - Getting sufficient sleep (8-10 hours per night) may keep flare-ups at bay or help you recover from an exacerbation more quickly. As fatigue is often a symptom of arthritis, regular sleep patterns and even taking naps are important.

Over 40 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis - that's one in seven - and the number of sufferers is expected to climb as the Baby Boomer generation ages. Medical costs associated with arthritis are also expected to climb, and they are over $80 billion per year now.
Until there is a cure, therapies and treatments along with lifestyle modifications are the best avenues for reducing the impact of arthritis on its many victims.

FDA Hears Majority Satisfied with LASIK Surgery

Those who wear contacts and glasses to correct vision problems often consider LASIK surgery to dispense with the inconvenience and bother. If you've considered laser surgery to correct your vision, but have been concerned about problems or outcome, then you should read about this survey taken by USAEyes.

The USAEyes CORE survey (Competence Opinion Relative to Expectation), which is being presented to the FDA today, shows that a majority (98%)of LASIK patients were satisfied with the results of the surgery. In fact, even amongst those reporting Lasik complications, 91% said they would have the surgery again.

USAEyes is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization providing information on Lasik surgery. They do not provide surgery, accept no advertising and all patient services are free.

Read about the USAEyes CORE survey here.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vitamin B12 - Essential for Health

Everyone knows that having enough of essential vitamins and minerals is key to good health. Vitamin B-12, in particular, is vital for overall good health. Low blood levels of B-12 have been associated with chronic illness and fatigue.

B-12 Extreme is the most potent single dose of Vitamin B-12 on the market and is Available for purchase at ProHealth.com. It contains all four forms of Vitamin B-12 to boost mental acuity, energy, support liver function and detoxify your system. It's sublingual, so the naturally sweet strawberry tablet completely dissolves under your tongue for maximum absorption.

New Treatment For MS in Clinical Trials

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating auto-immune disorder in which the body's immune system attacks and damages the myelin sheath on the nerves. Treatments now available come only in the form of injections that may be taken several times a week or daily. But research at the University of Greenwich into a new treatment may change the management and progress of the disease for many patients.

A new clinical trial is underway on a compound known as BGC20-0134.

Although the cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown, there is strong evidence that it involves the regulation of the immune system through molecules in our bodies called cytokines. In MS, the balance of these cytokines is altered, leading to inflammation in the brain which can result in serious disability."

BGC20-0134 has already shown some promise and the clinical trials will assess if it leads to a significant increase in the amount of helpful cytokines. Because it can be taken in oral form, it is an exciting new prospect in the treatment of this disabling disease.

Read more about BGC20-0134.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Medical Careers - X-Ray Technician

Working in a medical setting can be so rewarding and there are many careers besides being a physician or nurse. One such career is that of x-ray technician. X-ray Technicians work in clinics, hospitals and radiology facilities. They interact with other medical staff and with patients.

An x-ray technician works with imaging equipment to get the radiological films a physician has ordered. These films will aid the doctor in diagnosis of a patient's condition. They must position the patient and the equipment properly and precisely to get the images at the exact angles and views that the physician needs.

To pursue a career in x-ray technology, one must attend an accredited school program. Most programs take between 1 and 4 years, and in 38 states an X-ray technician is required to be licensed. The market for employment in the field is very good and the median annual salary is about $40,000 with top earners being paid more than $55,400 annually. Employment opportunities for x-ray technicians are expected to continue to grow at a rapid rate for at least the next few years.

If you are interested in an exciting and fulfilling career in the medical field as an x-ray technician, you can get up to date information on schools and programs at the link provided.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Study: 8 Glasses of Water Does Not Improve Health

Do you think that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is key to optimal health? One of the pieces of advice most often given dieters and others concerned about health, is to drink 8 glasses of water per day. However, a new study has not found any benefit to drinking extra water, not in weight loss nor in overall health.

Whereas dehydration is a serious health concern, having more than enough water in your system does not seem to do what has been claimed - clear toxins, prevent weight gain, improve organ function and improve skin tone.

Athletes and people who live in hot, dry climates do need extra water but for most people, there is no compelling evidence that increasing the intake of water has any effect on general health.

The study will be published in the June 2008 Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

The World of Organic Skin Care

With all of the news stories about toxic chemicals in skin care products and cosmetics, more companies are turning to natural ingredients and producing lines of natural beauty products. The trend is likely to continue as women learn more about the composition of their everyday skin care products. After all, who wants to put harmful or toxic chemicals on their skin?

If you are a newcomer to the world of natural skin care and not sure which products are safe and effective, I recommend you search out a site that has tested products that they sell. Saffron Rouge features an extensive inventory of organic skin care products. They evaluate and review products from all over the world, giving you both a wide selection and an assurance of purity and quality.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and is the first level of protection in the body's health, so it deserves the best you can give it. Covering it with chemicals and harsh substances is not the way to care for it in return. At Saffron Rouge you will find products with which to love and protect your skin, featuring bath products, cosmetics, face creams, organic sun screen and more. Every item is guaranteed for sixty days and they offer free samples. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of natural beauty products.

Organic skin care is only natural, treat your skin well and it will remain healthy and younger looking longer. And that's what every woman wants.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Live to Be 150 - Barbara Walters ABC Special on Longevity

Everyone wants to live a long and productive life. With advances in medicine and science, life expectancy in the US continues to rise, but how many of us expect to live to 100 or beyond? In fact, there are 74,000 centenarians in the US alone. Tomorrow night on her new ABC special, respected television journalist Barbara Walters asks the provocative question - "Live to Be 150... Can You Do It?"

Barbara will explore many of the new techniques and health discoveries as well as interviewing people like Paul Newman, who at 83 is still driving race cars. Amongst her guests will be Dr. David Sinclair and his discoveries regarding resveratrol, a compound that is credited with being responsible for the known health benefits of red wine.

Resveratrol has been and is being studied by many fields of medical science for its amazing potential in the prevention and treatment of cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, viral infections, arthritis, diabetes and other age-related illnesses. Resveratrol is present in red wine, but in small amounts. However you can find U.S. Lab Tested Resveratrol from RevGenetics, whose products were thoroughly tested by Biomol, the laboratory that first identified resveratrol molecules.
... tests performed by BIOMOL Laboratories demonstrate that RevGenetics resveratrol health supplements activate SIRT1 better than any other commercially available herbal supplements tested in the last five years.

Barbara Walters' special focusing on health and longevity will air tomorrow at 10pm on ABC.

Friday, March 28, 2008

FDA Issues Warning on Dietary Supplement that Causes Hair Loss

The FDA has issued a warning about a dietary supplement as some users have experienced various symptoms, including hair loss. The products in question are two flavors of Total Body Formula and one flavor of Total Body Mega Formula.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to purchase or consume Total Body Formula in the flavors of Tropical Orange and Peach Nectar, or Total Body Mega Formula in the Orange/Tangerine flavor. The liquid dietary supplement products may cause severe adverse reactions, including significant hair loss, muscle cramps, diarrhea, joint pain and fatigue.

The Total Body Formula products are sold in eight-ounce and 32-ounce plastic bottles. The Total Body Mega Formula is sold in 32-ounce plastic bottles. Both products are distributed by Total Body Essential Nutrition of Atlanta. The company is the sole distributor of the products and has voluntarily recalled Total Body Formula in the flavors of Tropical Orange and Peach Nectar and Total Body Mega Formula in Orange/Tangerine flavor.

The Florida Department of Health recently provided reports to the FDA on 23 individuals who experienced serious reactions to these products seven to 10 days after ingestion. In all cases, the reactions included significant hair loss, muscle cramps, diarrhea, joint pain and fatigue. The FDA subsequently learned and is investigating a report that some individuals in Tennessee using the same products have experienced similar reactions.

FDA laboratories are analyzing samples of the products to identify the cause of the reactions, including the possibility that the products contain excessive amounts of selenium, which is known to cause symptoms such as those described in the adverse events reported to the agency. Selenium, a trace mineral, is needed only in small amounts for good health.

The products have been distributed in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

The FDA is advising consumers in all states to avoid using the products immediately and to discard the products by placing them in a trash receptacle outside of the home.

Consumers who have been taking the products and have experienced adverse reactions should consult their health care professional. Consumers and health care professionals can also report adverse events to the FDA's MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at www.fda.gov/medwatch/report.htm.

The FDA is working with the Florida Department of Health in its investigation.

For more information, consumers can call the FDA's toll-free Food Safety Hotline at 1-888-SAFEFOOD.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obese Women May Not Get Cancer Screenings

Although it is well-known that obesity increases the risks of some cancers in women, such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer, the sad fact is that obesity seems to be one reason that some women do not get regular cancer screenings.

Women who are unhappy with their body size may not get necessary screenings for breast, cervical or colorectal cancer and put themselves at more risk. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003, 20% of cancer deaths in the U.S. in 2000 were attributable to obesity.

A review of cancer screenings undertaken at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Public Health, showed the disturbing trend.

"Obesity is increasing, and so is the evidence that obesity increases the risk of certain cancers like colorectal cancer and post-menopausal breast cancer," said Sarah S. Cohen, lead author of the article published online today by the American Cancer Society. "It's a disturbing trend, then, to see that women who are at increased risk of cancer because of their body size are less likely to be receiving screening tests that can detect cancer early, when it is treatable."


Friday, March 21, 2008

Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery Soars

We know that beauty isn't only skin deep, but part of feeling and being beautiful both inside and out is self-esteem. Today's woman is aware that little signs of aging and imperfections are easily corrected with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery has become a very popular way for a woman to perfect her beauty. In fact, cosmetic surgery facelift are probably some of the most highly searched terms on the internet. Surveys show that America's acceptance of cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high.

And why not? A facelift simply makes a woman look refreshed, younger and more like the beautiful self she knows she is inside. Why shouldn't a beautiful girl have a corrective or cosmetic nose surgery that will give her confidence and let her true beauty shine through?

All cosmetic surgery is not limited to facelifts and rhinoplasty. The eyes are one of the first places where we see lines and wrinkles and where the sagging and pouches of skin can make us look tired and older than we really are.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery doesn't change your facial features, it simply gives the eye area the lift it needs to appear renewed, fresher and allows the eyes to become a beautiful focal point of the face.

Cosmetic surgery is not just for celebrities and models. Real women are having cosmetic procedures every day. Women today are not afraid of aging but rather, they want their faces to reflect the healthy and vibrant women they are inside.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Physical Therapy Recommended for Incontinence

You might be surprised to learn that over 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence, or involuntary loss of bladder control. It's not just a problem that affects the elderly, it can and does affect men and women of all ages. But a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine states that physical therapy can help - specifically training in exercising the pelvic floor muscles.

Patricia J Jenkyns, a physical therapist at the Department of Rehabilitation Services at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, says that physical therapists are crucial in treating urinary incontinence because of their role in both assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions.

In a case study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (March 6, 2008) regarding urinary incontinence in women, it is noted that "first-line treatment for stress incontinence includes pelvic floor muscle training." Affirming the Annals of Internal Medicine results, this second study points out that women unable to identify their pelvic floor muscles "may benefit from seeing a physical therapist trained in pelvic floor therapy."

Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor muscle exercises that involve contracting, holding, and releasing pelvic floor muscles, are the most effective weapon in the fight against stress incontinence. "Once patients have correctly identified these muscles, a physical therapist will train how to enhance pelvic floor muscle function, coordinate with abdominal muscle exercises and bring these exercises and awareness into functional activities," says Jenkyns. She notes that these exercises need to be brought into daily activities, and can be done when sitting at your desk or on the toilet, while driving, or at the gym. For those with very weak muscles, she recommends starting the exercises while lying down.

You can read the entire press release at the APTA website.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Women Suffer Angina More Often than Men

In recent years more emphasis has been placed on women's heart health and the realization that not just men suffer from heart disease. Men still have more heart attacks than women, but a new study shows that women suffer from stable angina more often than men.

Stable angina is pressure, pain and discomfort in the chest that is caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart muscles caused by insufficient blood flow. Stable angina can be treated with medication and usually gets better with rest.

In a study covering 31 countries, it was found that women have a 20% higher prevalence of angina than men. Because women suffer heart attack less often than men, doctors have long assumed that the same holds true for other forms of coronary heart disease. The study suggests that women might be undertreated when it comes to angina.

"This is something we've always believed -- that there was an excess of angina symptoms in women," said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, medical director of the Women's Health Program at New York University Medical Center.

Angina used to be considered a benign symptom in women, added Goldberg, who's the author of Dr. Nieca Goldberg's Complete Guide to Women's Health. "Maybe that's the thing that sent us on the wrong pathway that women didn't have heart disease," she said.

"Just because women don't have as many heart attacks as men, we have to recognize that angina is something that's limiting women from having a good quality of life," she said.

Source - US News & World Report

New Diabetes Breakthrough

Many people prefer to take a natural approach to their health issues and it is true that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is your first best defense against many conditions that plague humans in these modern times. While medical knowledge and techniques for curing illness have increased, the average diet has become unhealthy, leading to problems with cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

If you suffer from type 2 Diabetes, you will probably be given a diet to follow and in most cases, medication to help control your blood sugar. What the Wellness Support Network wants you to know is that anyone who has type 2 diabetes is lacking in key nutrients that the body needs to keep blood sugar levels healthy.

Diabetes can cause other conditions that impact on the quality of life of the sufferer. For instance, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy causes numbness, tingling, sensations of hot and cold on feet,legs, arms and hands due to damage done to peripheral nerves.

The WSN Diabetic pack is not medical treatment but is designed to complement your medical treatment and lifestyle changes by supporting your body in your dietary management of diabetes. It comes with a full 90-day money-back guarantee. They guarantee that it will lower your blood pressure and that it is 100% safe. This may be a product you want to consider trying, if finding natural ways to health is important to you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obesity Increases Stroke Risk in Middle-Aged Women

A new study suggests that the growing waistlines of middle-aged American women are the reason for the increase in the number of strokes suffered by this demographic.

Amytis Towfighi, MD was lead author of the study that was presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2008.

According to the analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Surveys 1988–1994 (NHANES III) and 1999–2004, other indicators such as blood pressure and diabetes may not have increased since the 90s, but the incidence of obesity has increased. At the same time, the number of strokes reported by women ages 35 to 54 increased from 0.63% to 1.79%.

“Abdominal obesity is a known predictor of stroke in women and may be a key factor in the midlife stroke surge in women,” Towfighi said. “This study highlights the need to intensify efforts in curbing the obesity epidemic in the United States.”

Friday, March 14, 2008

Weight Training for Health

In recent years the number of women who have taken up resistance training and weight training has increased exponentially. Not only does resistance training burn calories to help you lose weight, it builds muscle tissue that burns even more calories. An added plus for women is the evidence that weight training is an aid in the fight against osteoporosis by increasing bone density and strength.

There are women who take their body building equally seriously as some men do. In order to build muscle and support the body's health, many use supplements. Many of these types of supplements can be found at Supplements.net, a great place to shop if you want to find discount bodybuilding supplements online. A benefit of the site is that they offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Whether you get a huge rush from weight training and want to get yourself into contest shape, or whether you are doing it as part of a weight loss program, regular weight training (2-4 sessions per week) will reduce your risk of osteoporosis and yield benefits that contribute to your overall good health and wellbeing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poor Sleep Worse for Women than Men

It's no secret that getting sufficient and restful sleep is essential to good health, and disrupted or poor sleep has been linked to psychological stress and cardiovascular disease and even type 2 diabetes. What's more, research seems to indicate that these negative consequences are worse for women than they are for men.

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center say that women are twice as likely to report sleep problems than men, and the health problems associated with poor sleep are twice as likely to affect women.

"We found that for women, poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological distress, and greater feelings of hostility, depression and anger. In contrast, these feelings were not associated with the same degree of sleep disruption in men.

In the study, women who reported poor sleep had the highest level of biomarkers associated with heart disease. It also found that the length of time it took to fall asleep was more important than overall sleep quality. Women taking more than a half hour to fall asleep are at the highest risk.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence due to erectile dysfunction doesn't just affect men, it also affects the women who love them. In any relationship, ED affects both partners but each partner may blame themselves or feel guilty and ashamed. This could lead to the communication between a couple breaking down and when that happens, the entire relationship could be in trouble.

It's important to realize that impotence can happen to men of all ages and for many reasons. It's important to consult a physician and to know if you have any other underlying conditions that could be exacerbating the problem. Most of all, it's important for women to know that the impotence is not their fault and learn what they can do to be supportive while keeping the lines of communication open with their partners.

Viagra is the most populare prescription treatment for erectile dysfuncton and has been on the market since 1998. It works for men of all ages but it's essential to know the facts and possible contraindications for Viagra. There is a brief but excellent article available at edrugstore.md which will answer most of your questions and concerns. If your physician prescribes Viagra, edrugstore.md can provide it at the lowest guaranteed price on the net. Edrugstore.md sells only name-brand prescriptions, so you can be assured that what you get will be the original product and not some unsafe counterfeit when you buy Viagra online.

ED is a couple's problem but there are solutions and help available for both of you.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aspirin May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

A study in the Journal of Clinical Practice states that taking aspirin may reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 20%. The study conducted by A. Agrawal and I. S. Fentiman of the Hedley Atkins Breast Unit, Guy’s Hospital, London, UK, reviewed the data on the relationship between NSAIDs and cancer.

The conclusion of the study states that as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) inhibit cyclooxygenase (COX) and thereby reduce prostaglandin synthesis, that they might reduce the risk of breast cance. Abnormally upregulated COX and prostaglandins are features of breast cancer.

The study did note a reduction of the risk of breast cancer in women taking aspirin and other NSAIDs. However, they do not recommend women take aspirin daily to prevent breast cancer. Aspirin can cause other conditions such as bleeding ulcers, and so no one should take aspirin regularly without consulting their physician.

The dose or type of aspirin therapy that might be used as cancer preventative is still not known. The study authors conclude that there may be a role for NSAIDs in combination with endocrine therapies as either an adjuvant or palliative treatment for women with established breast cancer.

The Times

Abstract Journal of Clinical Practice

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FitReach - Diet & Training Planner

Most women at any given time are either on a diet, starting a diet or planning to re-start their diet and fitness regime. There are a lot of great diet programs that work well, but what fails us is our motivation and our ability to keep on track.

As a computer-minded person, I have found the best way for me to keep track of my appointments and obligations is to have a calendar that pops up when I turn on the computer, to remind me of what I have to do today. Wouldn't it be great to be able to track your diet and fitness program progress right there at your computer?

That's what this new site, FitReach, offers to its members. At FitReach you can track your own personal diet and exercise program, keep track of what you should be eating and what you have eaten and measure your success. If you want to build muscle, you can keep a training diary and track your progress as you work towards your goals.

The foremost feature of FitReach is that it's completely free to join. And rather than setting one diet plan or training program for everyone, members use their own plans and simply use FitReach as a planning program. Members can track their own progress and also see what diets or training programs are working well for other members. Feel like your weight has plateaued? Feeling stalled in your fitness program? Maybe you need a change. Check out members who are successfully meeting their goals to pick up tips or a new diet plan.

FitReach is free to join and offers members a useful platform for keeping track of their personal fitness goals.

Monday, March 3, 2008

49,000 Women Will Die of Breast Cancer This Year

According to statistics, 49,000 women will die from breast cancer this year. Breast cancer affects one in eight women and kills more women in the United States than lung cancer. Regular screening with self-exams and mammograms could lower this figure, but only 60% of women who should get mammograms do.

Postmenopausal women who are obese, increase their risk of breast cancer by 50%. A study conducted by the American Cancer Institute involving 750,000 people showed that obesity significantly increased the risk of cancer developing in the breast, colon, ovaries, uterus, pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder.

Researchers are seeing a surge of breast cancer in developed countries and blame the fat-laden diet Western diet of fatty meats, refined flours, oils and sugars. In n populations where the diet consists mostly of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains the risk of breast cancer is much lower.

Eating a healthy diet and doing regular self breast exams as well as getting mammograms according to the recommended schedule is your best defense against breast cancer. Speak to your health care practitioner if you find any lumps or changes in your breasts and ask about when and how often you should get a mammogram.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cat Owners Have Reduced Heart Attack Risk

If you want to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, buy a cat. According to a new study, cat owners may have up to a 30% less chance of suffering a cardiovascular event.

The ten-year study at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, found that having a cat in their home gave the cat owners a lower risk of heart disease and stroke than people who didn't house a feline friend.

The study seems to bolster previous research that suggest that the stress and other psychological factors that contribute to the stress-cardiovascular link is lessened when there is a pet in the household. The study didn't have enough dog owners participating to assess whether or not keeping a dog as a pet had the same effects.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Adnan Qureshi, stated that ownership of dogs or other pets could also result in tangible benefits for patients.

"This opens a whole new avenue or intervention that we hadn't looked at before, one that can be made at the public level," he said. And unlike drugs or surgery, pet ownership "doesn't appear to have any risks to it," he added.

Source: US News & World Today

Saturday, February 16, 2008

IBS May Be Linked To Allergic Conditions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome may be linked to allergies according to a study at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The study also found that IBS occurred twice as often in patients with depression.

The study of 125 people found the likelihood of IBS was 3.85 times greater in patients with allergic eczema and 2.67 times greater in patients with allergic rhinitis. In early childhood, AE (allergic eczema) is frequently associated with gastrointestinal dysfunction and food allergy.

The researchers stated that patients with both conditions may benefit from specific therapies and should be considered separately from other IBS patients.