Thursday, November 8, 2007

Give the Gift of Health - With a HealthCare Gift Card

Highmark, a health insurer based in Pennsylvania, has come up with a novel idea for gift-giving this holiday season. You can give the gift of health with a pre-paid gift card that can be spent on health related services.

Highmark has partnered with Visa to offer the Healthcare Gift Card which can be purchased in amounts from $25 to $5000. The card itself will cost an additional $4.95.

The card can be used at physician or dentist offices, pharmacies and even health gyms. For those who have little or no health insurance coverage or whose copays can be burdensome on a small budget - such as seniors or college students - this gift can be extremely useful.

The cards are only available in Pennsylvania currently but Highmark has plans to widen the market and make them available in more areas.

You can get the card by going to or you can call 1-877-850-3774.

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