Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Calcium Fights Cancer Spreading to Bone

The new advice from the American Association for Cancer Research is drink your milk. A strong skeleton is less likely to be penetrated by metastasizing cancer, and the best way to strengthen bone is dietary calcium. They believe that dietary calcium may be the way to prevent breast cancer from spreading to bone.

70 percent of patients who develop advanced breast cancer will have secondary tumors in the bone. The cancer breaks down the bone, which leads to more pain and leaves the bone even more susceptible to further cancer growth.

By studying the effects of a calcium deficient diet in mice, researchers at the ANZAC Research Institute in Australia concluded that calcium deficiency was a factor in higher cancer cell proliferation.

"These results could have implications for patients with breast cancer bone metastases or who are at high risk for developing metastatic disease," Dunstan said. "Many older women in our community are known to be calcium deficient due to low calcium dietary intake or due to vitamin D deficiency. These women could be at increased risk for the devastating effects of bone metastases."

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